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Oct. 18th, 2011

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Breathless (3/?)

                                                              poster credit: unguidedinnocence@soompi

                                              Chapter Three

                One by one droplets of water made their way from the sky to the earth, furiously pelting the ground without a stop. Men and women with children and pets took cover from the heavy shower, running as if their life depended on it. A twenty-three year old man sat in a cozy café, sipping his tepid coffee while watching the scene on the street. He sighed, realizing he had no umbrella to protect him when it was time to walk home. Turning his attention back to the stout bald in front of him, whom he had been with for the past one hour, Jaejoong sipped his coffee once more.

“I’ll be sure to find the perfect plot of land; in fact, I already have one in mind, and I’m sure it will meet your expectations, Mr. Kim.”  The man stood up and shook the younger man’s hand, confidence brimming in his eyes. “Oh, and this will be my treat, it’s the least I can do. Goodbye for now.” The man bowed stiffly, paid at the register, and left to the car that was waiting for him down the corner.
The pianist sipped his coffee slowly, hoping the rain would cease by the time he finished. But alas, that was just wishful thinking on his part. The rain had in fact, gotten heavier.

‘At least the sun’s still out and there’s no thunder.’ Jaejoong thought. Just the thought of thunder sent shivers down his spine. He always hated thunder. Those earsplitting roars the angry clouds made when he least expected it always left him frightened out of wits.

It was a quarter to seven when Jaejoong got up from his seat, warmly smiling at the young girl behind the counter and wishing her a good day, before hesitating at the front door. It was a twenty to twenty five minute walk to home and the rain did not look like it was going to let up any time soon. A part of him wanted to call Yunho, to ask him to pick up, but he didn’t want to trouble the older man. For the past two and a half weeks, Yunho had been holed up in his room, diligently working away at his desk from the moment his boss had called him with some emergency work. Jisun had been coming over for dinner almost every day, which meant that Jaejoong barely had a chance to talk to Yunho. As much as the pianist respected the older woman, he wished she wouldn’t come to every single dinner, but then again, who was he to tell her not to come? Thankfully, she always left right when dinner ended.

The only time Jaejoong had a chance to talk to Yunho was after dinner. The after dinner talks between the older man and himself had become somewhat habitual for the past few weeks. There was always so much to talk about, and even when they ran out of things to talk about there was always a peaceful silence. Jaejoong had been happy that Yunho had spared some time to chat with him even with all his work. But he knew he couldn’t take advantage of Yunho’s kindness.

Taking in a lungful of air, Jaejoong stepped out into the pelting rain. 


The Jung household was filled with bright chatter as usual.  They were almost done with dinner when an anxious Yunho questioned, “Does anyone know where Jaejoongie is?” The nickname for pianist casually slipped out.  “I tried calling him, but he isn’t picking up.”

Jisun, who had yet again joined the Jungs for dinner, turned to Yunho with sharp eyes. “Why are you so worried about him, Yunho-ah? He’s an adult; he can take care of himself.” It wasn’t the first time her childhood friend had questioned the ware bouts of his foreign guest since dinner started, and Jisun was more than willing to admit that it was getting on her last nerve. So what if he didn’t make it to dinner? He was probably exploring S. Korea like other foreigners do. 

“It’s perfectly alright for Yunho to worry about him. Jaejoong is new to Korea and for all we know, he could have gotten lost.”  It wasn’t Granny that spoke, nor was it Mrs. Jung. And it most certainly was not Jihye or Yoochun, who had joining the Jungs for dinner that night. It was in fact, Mr. Jung who had spoken. Jisun simply laughed off Mr. Jung’s reply while mumbling a quite, “Yes, of course.” But she would be lying if she said she wasn’t taken back by Mr. Jung’s words.  Jisun felt the same bitterness that came up the first day she met Jaejoong, rise up once more.  It had only been half a month since the pianist had been living in the Jung household and suddenly everyone seemed to love him.

More so, she had noticed how much Yunho had been paying attention to Jaejoong. He got along extremely well with the pianist in such a short amount of time. If anyone saw the two talking, they would think the two knew each other for at least half a year. But Jisun knew that wasn’t true and she couldn’t wait until the pianist left the country.

As dinner continued, Mrs. Jung, Granny, and Jihye were talking about upcoming wedding that was to take place in either mid or late August with Jisun chiming in every now and then; Mr. Jung and Yoochun were animatedly discussing about the recent win of their country’s national baseball team, nicknamed “Blue Bogy.” Yunho had been attempting to listen to his father’s and friend’s conversation but his mind kept wandering to a certain caramel haired man.

Dinner had soon ended and the Jung family walked Jisun, Jihye, and Yoochun to the door. As they were bidding each other a goodnight, the door bell had rung. Jihye, who was the closest to the door, opened the door and let out a surprised squeak, gathering the attention of everyone. She opened the door wider, revealing a drenched Jaejoong.

 “Oh dear,” Mrs. Jung exclaimed, “come on in, sweetie, you’re going to get sick.”  The pianist entered the house, shivering as he wrapped his arms around himself.  Yunho, immediately taking note of Jaejoong’s state, grabbed a jacket from the nearby closet and put it on the younger boy. He was tempted to wrap his arms around Jaejoong as well to keep him warm, but he held back. “Thanks, Yunho-ah.” The pianist softly said.

“Shouldn’t you be calling him hyung? He’s three years older than you.” A sharp voice, that Jaejoong recognized as Jisun’s, made his head snap up. He had no right to feel offended at what the older woman said, after all, she was right. Because he had grown up in an environment where one didn’t have to use formal suffixes to those only a few years older, Jaejoong had a hard time calling Yunho, or even Yoochun, “hyung”.

Before the pianist could apologize, Yunho came to his defense. “To be honest, I could care less whether he calls me hyung or not. And as long as I don’t care, no one else should either.”

 With her fists clenched by her side, Jisun gave a swift nod. She distantly heard Mr. Jung telling everyone that it was best to leave now before the storm got even worse. Jisun gave a warm smile to the Jung family as she left, not bothering to acknowledge the pianist.


“Sorry about that, Jaejoong. Jisun must be in a bad mood today.” Yunho mumbled to the pianist as he took the latter up to the guest bedroom which the pianist had been staying in. The bedroom had a white queen sized bed in the center with a square side desk on each side. The side desk on the left held a bouquet of light purple lilacs that the pianist had personally bought a few days before, and a family picture. The side desk on the right had an alarm clock and a composition notebook.  Facing the left side desk and bed were large windows that the Jung family seemed to love having in every part of their home.

As Jaejoong went into the bathroom to take a hot shower, Yunho spotted the family picture on the left side desk. Picking it up, he sat down on the bed in awe. In the few weeks that the pianist had stayed at Yunho’s home, the latter only knew a little about the former’s family, but he had never seen a picture until now. One glance at the photo and Yunho knew immediately who Jaejoong got most of his features form, his mother. Jaejoong had the same eyes, nose, lips, and hair as his mother, whereas he inherited his father’s body and smile. The pianist looked barely fourteen in the picture, with his mother, father, sister, and what seemed to be his grandfather standing behind him. All five had grins stretched from ear to ear in pure delight.

“They look quite happy, huh?” A frail voice suddenly said, almost causing Yunho to drop the picture frame.  Yunho turned around and whined, “Granny, you scared me!”

Granny laughed, her eyes closing as wrinkles appeared around her eyes. Sitting down next to her grandson, Granny took the picture frame from him. Her eyes were glazed over with nostalgia, and her lips gently tugged up. She looked as though she personally knew the pianist’s family. Yunho placed a hand on her shoulder as her eyes grew misty, bringing her back from the past to the present.

“I…” Granny started, before brushing the thought away. “I just wanted to let you know the window over there has a crack and it’s leaking in the air from outside. Remember to let Jaejoong know. I should’ve told him earlier but it slipped my mind.” She got up from the bed and made her way to the door. Just as she was about to exit the room, she turned back with a mischievous smile. “If you want, you can sleep here tonight as well, you know, to keep Jaejoong warm.”

Yunho’s eyes went wide as he felt blood run up to his face. Before he could say a word, Granny had left.  Getting up from his position, he made his way to the window that directly faced the bed, hoping to forget his grandmother’s implication. His fingers hovered over the glass pane trying to feel where the air was coming out from.

“What’re you doing?” A melodious voice spoke from behind Yunho, causing him to jump for the second time in the past half an hour.
“Granny said there’s a crack in the window and it’s leaking in air. And since it’s cold out today, your room’s going to get cold fast,” Yunho turned around to face Jaejoong, the latter dressed it a fresh pair of clad pajamas, “which means you could get sick.”

The pianist just stared back with a blank look. Sighing, the twenty-six year old said. “I hope you don’t mind sleeping in my room tonight.”


It was only minutes later that Jaejoong found himself in Yunho’s room, watching with amusement as the old man set up a space heater.
“Yunho-ah, I really don’t need a space heater; it’s spring, not winter!”

“But I don’t want you getting sick.” The man grumbled before giving up on getting the space heater to work.  When he turned back, he found the pianist already lying down on the bed. He smiled at how tiny he looked on the large bed before walking towards it and kneeling near Jaejoong’s beside. He placed his left hand on the younger man’s forehead, it felt warm. Yunho heaved a sigh. “Jaejoong-ah, if you were stuck in the rain, why didn’t you call me to pick you up.”

Jaejoong looked down, pulling up the blanket to his chin. “My phone was almost dead and I didn’t have any signal.”

Yunho might have not known Jaejoong for that long, but he knew him enough to know when the younger man wasn’t telling him the truth. Besides, Jaejoong was practically an open book, save for the few the certain topics that completely shut the boy up. Yunho rested his hand on top of the younger man’s head. “Hmm, now why don’t you try telling me the truth?”

The pianist’s eyes widened as he looked straight into Yunho’s eyes. How had the man known he wasn’t telling the truth? He was about to make up some other reason, but the look in the older man’s eyes stopped him. It was probably the best to stick with the truth.

It was Jaejoong who sighed this time. “I didn’t want to disturb you. I can see how busy you’ve been these past two and a half weeks, barely having time for yourself. How could I possibly add more work to that? You deserve rest too, you’re only human.”

Yunho closed his leaned his head against the younger’s, the aura suddenly turning into intimate, something that surprised the both of them. “Jaejoong-ah,” Yunho spoke softly, “I finished up my work today an hour after you left. Even I hadn’t, you should’ve still called. And don’t ever refer to yourself as ‘more work’, okay?”

When Yunho opened his eyes, he felt all source of air leave his body as his heartbeat rapidly increased. It was the same feeling he got when he first met the pianist. Jaejoong’s large doe eyes seemed to bore right through his soul as the younger man slowly nodded, his cheeks flushed light pink.

Yunho hadn’t realized how silent it had gotten, how close they had gotten. At least, not until he could practically feel his heartbeat in his ears, not until he was afraid the other might hear it as well, and most certainly not until he realized where his thoughts had drifted off to.
The older man suddenly pulled back; stand up with a hand rubbing the side of his face hoping the pianist wouldn’t notice anything unusual. “So…uh…yea, just call next time.” He took a deep breath in, wanting to calm down his heart. “I’ll…I’ll just sleep somewhere else tonight. You can sleep here.”  He needed to clear his head.

Just as Yunho was about to exit the room, he heard a small, frightened yelp as claps of thunder crackled throughout the sky.  He turned back to find Jaejoong suddenly upright on the bed, arms wrapped around himself and head buried in his knees, paralyzed in fear. He felt his heart give out to the pianist, who jumped again as yet another roar from the skies was heard.

Yunho rushed to Jaejoong, sat down next to him and pulled the pianist into his arms with a blanket wrapping around the two.  As he felt the younger man tremble in his arms, he wished he could help. He never knew anyone who was this petrified of thunder.

The older man cooed in a soft voice, “Shhh, it’s gonna be okay. I’m right here, you’re gonna be alright. It’s just thunder.”

It seemed to be the wrong thing to say. The pianist trembled even more before whispering in a chocked voice, “I hate thunder, I hate it so much. It brings back awful memories of my mother’s death.” 


Miku's Message: *walks with head down in shame as everyone throws tomatoes* Oh dear, I'm really sorry guys. T.T This update really was too late. I honestly didn't realize how fast time flew by since the last update. With college applications and whatnot, everything is overwhelming. But that shouldn't be an excuse for making you all wait this long. I'm really sorry, guys. I hope you all aren't too mad at me. T.T Especially to chocolick who really doesn't deserve this. By the way, is yunjae moving too fast?

Aug. 29th, 2011

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Breathless: Chapter 2

poster credit: unguidedinnocence@soompi

Chapter Two
            Yunho cheerfully made his way down the stairs at 9:30 A.M when light, melodious notes from the grand white piano danced throughout the house with beautiful laughter accompanying them.

“You like this song, don’t you, Taepoong-ah?” He heard Jaejoong laugh once more before switching to a faster song. The Siberian husky barked in response before running around the piano. There didn’t seem to be another soul in the house. Judging from the time, Yunho knew that his father would be at work, and his mother and grandmother must have been running errands. Jihye had officially moved into her fiancé’s apartment early morning, but Yunho was positive his sister would visit every day.

Unable to contain himself anymore, Yunho let out a chuckle, earning a surprised gasp from Jaejoong as the younger of two quickly turned around and worriedly exclaimed, “Oh, sorry! Did Taepoong and I wake you up?”

“Of course not.” Yunho took a seat next to Jaejoong on the piano seat. “How long have you been playing?”

Fingers pressing down on the keys to form a new, slower melody, the pianist let his mind reel all the back to when he first touched a piano. “When I was four years old. My mom took me to the local piano store on my fourth birthday. She liked to play the piano as well, but we never bought one until then. I wonder why…” Jaejoong said, more to himself than Yunho.

“Did she teach you how to play?” Yunho questioned. Subconsciously holding out his index finger, the tall brunette pressed on a high C, disrupting the flow of music. The pianist let out a giggle, before placing Yunho’s right hand over his, and continued to play the song. Although the Jung family had the piano for as long as Yunho could remember, he never once seriously tried to play it. 

Jaejoong’s eyes became hazy as the memories flood into his mind. “Yea, she did. At the beginning, she taught me just like this.” He spoke softly, referring to Yunho’s hand over his. “She played beautifully, filled with passion. My father told me later on that when I was really young, I would fall asleep only if she played.”

“She’s sounds like a wonderful woman.”  The older man tenderly smiled, he always loved hearing family stories.

Sunlight basked the room as the song Jaejoong was playing slowed down even further, nearing its end. The shadow of his long, dark eyelashes splayed out onto his cheeks as the sunlight graced his face.

If Yunho hadn’t been paying attention to the pianist, he would not have heard the barely audible whisper that came next. “Yea, she was.” And the song ended just as it had begun.

Taepoong barked loudly, pushing the dog bowl towards the two men, instantly breaking away the conversation.

“Ah, that’s right! Granny asked me to feed him!” Jaejoong said to himself, walking into the kitchen.

And although the younger man was laughing at Taepoong’s antics once more, it didn’t sound right. Like a piano piece that was perfect expect for a single, off-key note.


“Yah, yah! Taepoong-ah, don’t run so fast!” Yunho yelled as the Siberian husky pulled Yunho down the neighborhood rather than Yunho pulling him.

Jaejoong laughed before suggesting, “Is there a park nearby? Where he can run free?” He took the leash from the taller man.

“Hmmm, there used to be one nearby, but I don’t know if it’s still there. It’s been five years. We can go check it out, if you don’t mind that is. Oh, would you like to meet some of my close friends?” Yunho excitedly asked.

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t want to go, and of course I would like to!” The shorter man smiled. Yunho quickly sent out a few text messages before the two men made their way to the park, getting to know each other on the way. Though it was a short walk to the park, Jaejoong felt like he had learned a lot about the other man in those minutes.

“You must’ve been really excited, huh?” The pianist questioned as Yunho got around to telling him how he got the job in the U.S.
“Well, yea, I was just happy to have gotten a job in the first place. I had just graduated from college and didn’t even expect it! Although, I do admit, if I could get the same pay and work here in Korea, I would. I really missed my fam-”

Suddenly a high-pitched voice interrupted Yunho. “HYUNG!” Behind the man who yelled, were two other men: one who just a bit taller than Yunho, and the other who was of medium height and build.

“Junsu!” Yunho yelled with excitement. He ran towards his friend and wrapped his arms around him. Jaejoong quickly followed behind the other man, the leash still tight in his grasp.

“Yoochun-ah, Minnie!” Jaejoong heard Yunho exclaim once more before wrapping his arms around the other two. Why did the name Yoochun sound so familiar?

“How I missed you guys!”

“Oh, who’s this?” The man with the high-pitched voice questioned; a soccer ball beneath his right foot.

“Maybe if you paid attention to the world news you would know, Junsu hyung. This is Kim Jaejoong, he’s a famous pianist from Sweden.” The tallest man teased. Now that Jaejoong was closer, he noticed that though the man was tall, he looked very young. In fact, he looked younger than Jaejoong.

“Not everyone has the time to go around watching the world news, Changmin.” Junsu retorted, with a faint smile still etched to his face.

“Yes, but maybe if you managed your time better you would.” Jaejoong noticed that the words held no hostility or malice.  

‘Must be how they show affection, how cute.’ Jaejoong concluded.

The man with the medium build finally spoke as he pet Taepoong. “Guys, guys, is this any way to make a good first impression?” Turning towards Jaejoong, he introduced himself.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jaejoong-shi. I’m Park Yoochun, please, do call me Yoochun.”

It was then that the pianist remembered, Yoochun was Jihye’s fiancé! He heard his name coming out of Yunho when the latter man was talking to his sister the night before.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Yoochun! I’m Kim Jaejoong, please, do call me Jaejoong.” The pianist imitated Yoochun, instantly breaking the ice as the two laughed. Jaejoong turned to the other two and introduced himself once more. The two quickly shared their birthdays. The pianist found out that Yoochun was the same age as Yunho, twenty six.

The man with the soccer ball near his right foot piped up, “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Kim Junsu! And this obnoxiously tall guy here is Shim Changmin. ” Junsu pointed to the tall boy before whispering with a grin, “You and I are the same age. But Minnie here is younger than us by two years.”

“I may be younger but I am smarter than him.” The boy grinned.

Yunho let Taepoong run free, knowing that his dog would stay near the group of friends, before excitedly called out, “Let’s go play some soccer!” He was about to take a step forward before politely asking the pianist, “Oh, do you mind playing?”

“There’s no need to be so polite, Yunho-ah! And no, I don’t mind. I may not be the best at it, but I love soccer!” Jaejoong exclaimed, his eyes shining bright with excitement.

Already half away across the field, Junsu exclaimed, “Come on, guys, let’s play!”

With that said, the five boys played for hours, until the sun started to graze the horizon. By the time they were done, they were all sitting on the grass in a circle; heaving and panting for the much need air, still laughing from the game. Taepoong sat by Yunho, his tongue hanging out since he was running around with them too. Jaejoong was on the other side of Yunho, with Yoochun to his left. To Yoochun’s left was Junsu, and to Junsu’s left was Changmin. They formed a perfect circle.

It honestly surprised Jaejoong at how well he had gotten along with the other three. He thought it would be a bit awkward, being their first meeting and all. But instead, he felt as if he had known them all for years now. They exchanged numbers, and talked and laughed for what seemed to be the longest time; it seemed like an endless cycle now. And suddenly, Jaejoong felt at home. The bright chatter reminded him of his own family back in Sweden.

 “Jaejoong-ah, I have a favor to ask.” Yoochun suddenly said, turning towards Jaejoong. When the caramel haired man motioned him to continue, the older man hesitantly asked, “Do you think, if you have time, you could look over a song I composed? It’s accompanied by a piano and I would like to present it on my wedding day, to Jihye. I already had Junsu look over it, but I wanna make sure it’s perfect.”

Jaejoong’s face instantly lit up with a smile, “I would love to look over it, and I’m sure Jihye’s going to appreciate it.”

“How cheesy!” Changmin teased, before Junsu smacked him on the head saying, “Its sweet!”

“Ah! Speaking of Jihye, I’ve got to head home; she said she’ll be making dinner tonight!”  Yoochun quickly spoke, getting off the grass. “Bye guys, see you later!” The dark haired man ran out of the park heading towards his car.

“Yea, she picked out the right guy, alright.” Jaejoong heard Yunho mumble under his breath.

“I guess we’ll call it a night as well. Come on, Min. I’ll give you a ride home.” Junsu said, dribbling the soccer ball back and forth between his legs.

After they all said their goodbyes, Changmin turned around to face Yunho, and with the softest smile etched onto his face said, “Hyung, I’m really glad you’re back.”

And that was when Jaejoong saw it. The amount of love and respect the younger boy held for Yunho, all clearly written in Changmin’s eyes.

Ruffling the younger boy’s hair, Yunho smiled fondly. “I’m glad I’m back too, kiddo.”


“Changmin seems to really admire you.” Jaejoong said once they came back home. The aroma of fresh-cooked meals hit their senses as soon as they stepped in.

Bashfully laughing, Yunho replied, “Nah, not really. We haven’t seen each other in five years, so he probably just misses me. I’m the one that admires him to be honest. He never lets anything bring him down. Sure, if something bad happens he might be angry or sad, and need a bit of a push in the right direction, but other than that, he never dwells with those negative feelings. He faces them head on and then moves on. He learns from every experience he goes through.”

Just as they entered the dining room, Jaejoong heard a voice say, “Is my grandson bragging about his precious Changmin again?” Granny laughed. “He really loves that boy, you know? Treats him, as well as Junsu and Yoochun, like blood brothers.”

“Granny, stop.” Yunho softly whined, embarrassed.  When a frustrated sigh suddenly came through the kitchen, Jaejoong timidly walked in, leaving Yunho to Granny’s teasing.

 “Mrs. Jung, do you need any help? I may not look it, but I’m actually quite good around the kitchen.”

“Ah, Jaejoong-ah,” Mrs. Jung’s relieved face took over the frustrated one, “if it isn’t too much trouble, could you help me make one last dish? Granny usually helps me, but after a long day out, she’s too tired. I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“Of course it’s no trouble! To be honest, I love to cook; I used to help my mom out when I was young.” Jaejoong excitedly said; it had been half a month since he’s cooked something and he really missed it.

It was thirty minutes later when everyone was gathered around the dinner table, in the same seats as the night before, but with the absence of Jisun and Jihye, who was having dinner with her fiancé. When everyone started to eat, Granny turned to Mrs. Jung, “My, my, this is delicious. It tastes better than you usually make it, Eunmi-ah!” Mr. Jung quickly agreed to the statement with a short, “Yes, yes it is.”

Observing both his grandmother’s and his father’s reaction, Yunho helped himself to some bibim naengmyung, spicy buckwheat noodles. “Woah, Granny’s right! This tastes a whole lot better than you usually make it, Umma! ” Yunho exclaimed, not bothering to hide his delight as he dug in.

“Yah, yah, do you need to say it like that.” Yunho’s mother playfully scolded before smiling with pride. “Actually, it was Jaejoong who cooked it. He has a real talent when it comes to cooking.”

Beaming at the pianist, the older man praised, “Wah, who knew our Jaejoongie was such a fantastic cook.”

“Oh, it’s nothing really.” Jaejoong blushed at the sudden nickname. “And thank you.”

As dinner continued, cheerful laughter with occasional barking could be heard ringing throughout the house. The pianist found himself unable to stop grinning. It hadn’t been that long since he’s met Yunho’s family, and he already felt as if they were his own. From Mr. Jung who acted extremely strict when in reality he had a childish side like Yunho, to Granny who was as mischievous as a teenager –they were all wonderful.


The entire Jung family and Jaejoong soon found themselves out on the large veranda. Mr. Jung, Mrs. Jung, and Granny all sat around a circular table, talking about Jihye’s wedding plans with Taepoong lazing around near Mr. Jung’s feet. Yunho and Jaejoong sat on the white veranda swing; they all had dessert in their hands, each in their own world eating shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit.

Jaejoong soon burst into another fit of giggles, something he had been doing since they all sat down in the veranda. “Yunho-ah, please,” Jaejoong laughed once more as Yunho placed the cold dessert bowl against the pianist’s neck. “t-that tickles.” The pianist finally breathed out before bursting into another fit of giggles. Yunho laughed along with Jaejoong, unable to contain himself. There was something about Jaejoong that made Yunho want to keep him smiling. And each time the pianist laughed, he took the older man’s breath away –whether he realized it or not.  

Yunho placed the cold dessert bowl against Jaejoong’s neck again, watching and laughing as the younger man burst into yet another fit of giggles.

It was then that Yunho decided. He liked the warm feeling that radiated from his soul whenever Jaejoong laughed. 


Miku's Message: Hopefully I put enough yunjae scenes in this one OTL Does everyone like the poster? :D It's cute isn't it? Also, to those of you who've been hit by Hurricane Irene, are you all okay? The hurricane hit my state yesterday, it wasn't that bad though. It lost energy by the time it got here and was reduced to a tropical storm, but the winds definitely blew the power out. I hope everyone's safe and healthy<3

Aug. 1st, 2011

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Breathless: Chapter 1

          Chapter One

                   It was strange, really, how his family had greeted Jaejoong. Not even minutes into the introduction, and the Jung Family treated Jaejoong as if he were a part of their family. What surprised Yunho the most though, was what he learned about Jaejoong from his younger sister, Jihye.

The squealing and gushing, praising and fawning over the caramel haired man started right as Yunho opened the gates to his fairly large home. Jihye came running first, a beautiful smile stretched across her beautiful face as she hugged her older brother in joy. Right behind her came Taepoong, a Siberian Husky Yunho had gotten as a birthday present just months before he left to America. Following Taepoong was a middle-aged woman whose hair was tied in a bun and her arms wide open for to take her son in, she herself was in the arms of a middle-aged man who was in a black suite with eyes identical to Yunho’s.

“Welcome home, son.” The man spoke, voice filled with pride at the young man before him.

“Thanks, Appa.” Yunho smiled, he was glad to be back home, this is where he belonged. The young man stepped aside to introduce the caramel-haired man, when Jihye squealed before quickly covering her mouth as her eyes opened wide.

“Oh my god, you’re Kim Jaejoong, aren’t you?! You’re the Kim Jaejoong! I’m a hu–”

Just as Jihye was about to continue, an old woman stepped out of the house and made her way to the rest of the crowd. Although time had worked its way onto the woman’s face, she was still more beautiful and more agile than any woman her age would be.

Jihye quickly turned her head towards the woman and excitedly cried, “Granny, look who brother brought home!”

The grandma was about to give Yunho a warm welcome home when she heard what her granddaughter had said. As she looked up, she immediately focused her eyes on the young man beside Yunho. She gasped, her frail hand lifting towards her mouth. There was a sense of familiarity in her gentle eyes, not the type of familiarity that Jihye held, but something deeper. The way she stared into Jaejoong’s eyes made the man feel as though she knew him all his life time. As Jaejoong stared back, he felt as if he had seen her somewhere before, somewhere a long, long time ago.

The old woman mumbled something in a daze, not breaking out of the daze until Jaejoong nervously smiled.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sweetie, guess I was just surprised! It’s nice to meet you. Just call me Granny.” She said as she energetically shook Jaejoong’s hand. She quickly turned towards her grandson and happily teased, “And welcome home, sweetie. Glad you decided to take some time off to visit your poor old, frail grandmother that you abandoned years ago.”

“Granny,” Yunho softly whined, leaning down to kiss his grandmother on the cheek, “you were the one who convinced me to take that job in America. And do you guys mind telling me how you know Jaejoong?” Yunho finally asked the question that had been bothering him since he arrived.

“Oppa! How do you not know about Kim Jaejoong?! He’s only the biggest and most brilliant pianist of our time! He’s mainly a pianist but he sings too!” Jihye spoke, completely baffled that her brother didn’t know who the man he brought home was. 

Jaejoong fair skin quickly flushed pink at the younger girl’s compliment. He honestly did not think he would have fans all the way in South Korea. 
As Jihye turned her attention to Jaejoong, ready to ask him questions, Yunho’s mother gently placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder and said, “Honey, why don’t you let your brother and his friend come inside first? Then you can continue all you want, alright?” Jihye bit her lip in embarrassment and mumbled an okay in reply. 

Jaejoong felt tingles go down his spine when Yunho’s softly whispered into his ear, “She usually isn’t like this. Her excitement will go down by dusk, don’t worry.” 
Brushing the feeling off, Jaejoong chuckled as he simply said, “She’s cute.” Jihye reminded Jaejoong of his own sister. Though his own sister was older than him, both Jihye and his sister seemed to act similarly when excited. 

Each person in the Jung Family carried a luggage bag as everyone made their way inside the house.


The house was a fairly large house, while it was only two stories tall, the width of the house stretched on. It was a square contemporary house that had large windows, a courtyard in the middle, and a pool in the backyard. Though the house was large, it had a very cozy, homey feeling to it. 

‘How lovely...’ Jaejoong thought as walked into the living room, after taking his shoes off in the foyer. The living room was in proportion to the size of the house. A large beige sofa was placed right in front of a window, with two arm chairs placed on each side, forming a bracket shape. Right across the sofa, hung on the wall, was a plasma T.V. Off to the side, was a grand white piano.

Taepoong barked, tripping Jaejoong as he ran towards the backyard. Losing his balance, Jaejoong was about to fall flat on his face before a strong grip held onto his left arm. 

“Looks like I’m constantly saving your life, huh” Yunho teased, chuckling to himself as Jaejoong got up flustered. 

“Woah, Oppa saved you, Jaejoong-shi?!” Jihye exclaimed in astonishment. Laughing at the younger girl’s reaction, Jaejoong loosely said, “Yea, something like that. And please, there is no need to be that formal with me. You can call me oppa too, if you want too that is.” 

Mr. Jung silently watched as the three chatted before speaking. “Now, now, why don’t you boys go freshen up and then come down for dinner? We can all talk while eating.”

“Alright. Appa, we still have a guest room open, right?” At his father’s confirmation, Yunho turned to Jaejoong, and beckoned him towards the stairs. “Come on, Jaejoong, I’ll show you your room.” 


It was almost 8pm by the time Jaejoong had finished his much needed shower. After getting dressed in comfortable clothes, Jaejoong heaved a sigh before dropping onto his bed. With his back on the bed, his arm over his eyes, Jaejoong released yet another sigh. It had been a long tiring day, and he was glad to have met kind people. He was about to fall into unconsciousness before Taepoong’s bark brought him back. 

Heading down stairs with feeling fresh, the caramel haired man could smell the aroma of a homemade meal, his stomach already grumbling in response. 

“Oh, Jaejoong-ah, you’re here. Take a seat, we’re about to start.” Mr. Jung said just as his wife came in with the last dish in hand. Mr. Jung sat at the head of the table, with Mrs. Jung to his left and Yunho to his right. Jihye was seated next to her mother, and Yunho’s grandmother was seated across Mr. Jung. Jaejoong took the only seat that was left, next to Yunho. Just as Jaejoong sat down, the sound of the doorbell made its way to the family table.

“That’s probably Jisun unnie!” Jihye excitedly exclaimed, running towards the front door.

As a smile drew upon his face, Yunho questioned his grandmother, “Jisun’s coming?” He felt giddy at the thought of seeing his childhood friend again. They had met during the first day of fifth grade and were friends since.

Animated chatter could be heard as Jihye made her way towards the table with a tall, elegant, long black-haired girl. Jaejoong heard his name and the words famous and piano coming out of Jihye’s lips. Silently chuckling to himself, he couldn’t help think how well her and his older sister would get along.

“Jisun, it’s so nice to see you again! How’ve you been?” Yunho got up from his seat to hug his childhood friend.

“I’m doing well. You better take some time during this vacation to hang out with me.” Jisun playfully said. Jisun elegantly turned to Jaejoong and pulled out her hand when Yunho got up to get an extra chair.

“And you must be Kim Jaejoong. I’m Jisun, Yunho’s childhood friend; it’s nice to meet you.” She spoke softly. 
When Yunho came back, he was glad to see his childhood friend get along with his new guest. Placing the new chair to the right of his, he motioned Jisun to take a seat. 

It was when they all started eating that Jaejoong finally spoke. “Oh, Mrs. Jung, this is delicious!” His eyes went wide as he took another bite of naengguk, a cool soup that was perfect for warm days. “Do you think you could give me the recipe?”

“Sure, sweetheart.” Mrs. Jung gave a motherly smile; she loved anyone who loved her cooking.

With a sudden worried look in her face, Jisun said forcing a smile, “Oh, I like the naengguk too, Aunty.” 

Jihye turned to the older woman with a perplexed look and questioned, “I thought you didn’t like naengguk, unnie?” 

“I-I’ve grown to like it, a lot!” Jisun said, forcing herself to take more of the naengguk. Yunho had given her a strange look before he felt someone tap him on his shoulder. 

Facing Yunho, Jaejoong served him some of the soup with a smile. “It’s really healthy for you, especially when the weather starts to get warmer.” The caramel haired man bit his lower lip anticipating for the older man to take a bite.

“Thanks, Jaejoong.” Yunho said, touched at the other man’s actions. He almost never ate naengguk, but there was just something about the other man that made Yunho want to grant his every wish.

Giving a hearty laughter, Mr. Jung said to his family and Jaejoong, “Finally someone that can make my son eat naengguk. You know Jaejoong, Yunho has refused to eat naengguk after the very first time he tried it. He says he just didn’t like the taste, but everyone knows it’s really because he choked on a piece of seaweed and was too scared to try it again.” It honestly was astonishing to Mr. Jung that his son would try naengguk again after all these years, and just because of this man he met the very day. 

Drinking the entire glass of water, Jisun forcefully put the glass down with resentment. How was it that Mr. Jung, a man she always deemed to be strict and stringent, laughed at the very first words that came out of that pianist’s mouth? Jisun had always done whatever it took to get all of the Jung members to like her. Just because she was Yunho’s childhood friend did not mean that his family would give her permission to marry him one day –and she was definitely going to marry him. Jisun first saw Yunho in a different light during high school, and has been trying to fit his “ideal type” since. She didn’t even know why she was felt the need to compete with another man for Yunho’s attention. Yunho has been her friend for as long as she could remember and the last time she checked, he was straight. 

With curiosity brimming in her eyes, Jisun questioned Jaejoong, “So Jaejoong-shi, how exactly did Yunho save your life?” Jisun remembered Jihye mentioning that her brother supposedly saved the pianist’s life.

“Ah, that’s right; I’ve yet to tell you. It really isn’t a big story or anything. Anyway, my bracelet had fallen off my wrist and got caught on the ledge of a bridge. You see, that bracelet is extremely important to me, so I was reaching down to get it back, when all of the sudden I hear a man yell at me telling me not to commit suicide! Turns out this man was Yunho!” Jaejoong laughed at the memory. “I was startled, lost my balance, and fell off the bridge. I honestly thought I was done for, but thankfully he caught my arm and pulled me up! But really, if he didn’t assume that I was about to commit suicide and yell, I wouldn’t have lost my balance to begin with. So he’s no superhero.” Jaejoong burst into a fit of giggles as he playfully winked at Yunho. 

“But how did you end up here?” It was Jihye that questioned the pianist this time, almost jumping out of her seat in excitement as if Jaejoong was telling them all a fairytale. 

“Oh, well I happened to mention that staying at hotels gets expensive and I was looking for a place to stay, so Yunho offered to let me stay here. Of course, I’ll pay rent at the end of every month!” The pianist quickly added in the end.

“You took a complete stranger’s offer to stay at their place?” Jisun asked Jaejoong as though he were a brainless child. 

The caramel haired man bit his lip in embarrassment. What was he supposed to say to that? Now that he thought about it, no one would just agree to stay with a stranger.

“You know, Jisun, Sweden does have the lowest crime rate.” Granny said a matter-of-factly. The half-Swedish man looked at Granny with astonishment, how did she know that and what did that have anything to do with this? The old woman continued, “In fact, some people there even sleep with their doors unlocked, just goes to show how much people there trust one another. And if Jaejoong here grew up there, it’s only natural to be so trusting.” Turning to the young man to the right of her, Granny kindly added, “But sweetie, people here are not always as kind and honest as we raised our Yunho to be, so it’s not a good habit to be that trusting in other countries, do keep that in mind.”
It was then Jisun realized that maybe she felt the need to compete with Jaejoong because he seemed to have so easily won over the Jung family’s heart in less than a day. It took him were merely a few words and the entire Jung household seemed to have fallen for his charm, whereas it took Jisun years to accomplish the same goal.

“Ah, yes, I’ll keep that in mind.” Jaejoong genuinely smiled, it was nice having someone here care about him. 

Back in his room once more, the pianist was about to go to bed when he realized there was something important he had to do first. He still had to properly thank Yunho for letting him stay here.

Stepping out of his bedroom, Jaejoong walked down the hall and stopped two doors down. It was dead silent. He was about to knock the door that was left ajar, when he heard hushed mummers coming from the inside. Peaking inside, he saw both Yunho and his sister sitting on a cushioned window seat.

Jaejoong noticed that the entire room was dark blue with hard wood flooring. In the center was a king sized bed with a side table on its left. The table held an alarm clock and a small music box. Eyes travelling back to the cushioned window seat, the thin curtains could be seen softly blowing into the room by the wind. 
“…even when you get married and move in with Yoochun, remember that I will always be here for you. I will always be your big brother.” Jaejoong heard Yunho softly say to Jihye with a gentle smile before taking her into his arms; the final action tugged the pianist’s heart strings. He could see how much the other man loved and cared for younger sister.

Maybe it was best to wait till morning to thank Yunho. For now, he would give the two some space.
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postercredits: stephie<3@soompi

Author: lovelybubbles04 (sweetpeas)
Started: July 8, 2011
Ended: ---

A/N: This plot belongs to [info]chocolick 

Some people might say that it was a coincidence that they met on that momentous spring day. Others might say it was simply fate and destiny working hand in hand to bring them together. After all, how pitiful would it be if the paths of two people so perfect for one another did not intertwine?

It all began when the twenty six year old Jung Yunho stepped out of his cab to relieve his cramped legs. The flight from U.S.A. to South Korea had been excruciatingly long; sure he had gotten up to walk up and down the aisles of the plane to make sure his legs didn’t fall asleep, but he could only do that so many times before the passengers got annoyed. And once the plane had landed, he hailed a cab to his hometown –which was a good four hours away. It was three and a half hours later when he told the driver that he was going to take quick walk while the latter filled up gas and grabbed a bite to eat. And so, Jung Yunho stepped out of his cab, took a mental note of its license plate number, and walked straight ahead to a nearby river.

He had always liked the fact that there were two bridges, one that only allowed automobiles and another that was strictly for people. Taking the latter bridge, he took a deep breath in; he really missed this country.

It had been a good five years since Yunho was last in his home country. He had gotten an amazing job offer in the U.S. almost as soon as he graduated college. And although he wanted to visit his family and friends, his job had kept his hands tied up. Fortunately, he saved up enough vacation days each year to last up to a few months; which was great since the sole purpose of his visit to South Korea was to attend his younger sister’s wedding and to spend time with his family and friends.

As Yunho walked further down the bridge, he found it strange how there were only a few people there. What he found stranger though, was that there was a caramel haired man with a backpack on who was climbing the railing of the bridge, leaning down so far that if he moved another inch, he would fall into the raging river.

“HEY! SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION!” Yunho yelled running towards the man in full speed. His sudden outburst caused the man to lose his balance, throwing him over the bridge. Yunho quickly grabbed the man by his hand before he could fall into the river.

‘Dang, he’s light for a guy.’ Yunho briefly thought as he pulled the man up to safety, still furious that the latter tried to commit suicide. 

“If you have problems talk to someone instead of attempting suicide!” The twenty six year old roared. The man struggled, yelling something in a foreign language as Yunho dragged him off to the cab while lecturing him about how precious life is.

“STOP!” The man yelled, with a foreign accent this time. “I wasn’t trying to commit suicide! My bracelet fell off my arm and got caught on the ledge of the bridge and I was just trying to get it back!”

It was when the man started yelling that Yunho really took the time to look at him. He was dressed in a white shirt with a black cardigan and black slacks. He had caramel colored hair and full pink lips. But those weren’t what pulled Yunho’s first heart string; it was the man’s big dark brown eyes that left Yunho breathless.

“Are you even listening to me?” The shorter man pouted, and that was when Yunho couldn’t help admit to himself that the man was undeniably adorable.

“O-oh, I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Releasing a sigh, the caramel haired man spoke, “Listen, I understand why you would think I was trying to commit suicide, but it’s not what it looks like. But now I’m all dirty, thanks to someone here.” He quickly grumbled under his breath.

“I’m so sorry! I was just really worried, I guess. You don’t seem to be from around here, do you have a place to stay?” The taller of the two said, trying to appease the shorter man. “Oh, I’m Jung Yunho by the way.”

“Jaejoong, Kim Jaejoong. No, I’m not from here, I’m from Sweden actually. I’m half Korean.” Jaejoong said, showing Yunho his passport before continuing, “And no…I don’t have a place to stay. I’ve been going from hotel to hotel, but it gets pretty expensive after a while.”

“You can stay at my house if you want.” Yunho blurted out before even thinking. He quickly added, “Oh, please don’t take it the wrong way or anything! I’m not some kidnapper or rapist or anything of that sort.” Yunho showed Jaejoong his I.D. to prove to him that he wasn’t some creep.

Giving the taller man a strange look, Jaejoong chuckled before saying, “I never thought you were a bad person or anything! And looking at my current circumstances, staying at your place is actually a smart idea.”

And that’s how it all began. With a bracelet, a pair of enchanting eyes, and a breathless Yunho.

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Walking Through Lost Time


^credits: RAINxclouds@soompi

Author: lovelybubbles04 (sweetpeas/Miku)
Started: April 20, 2010
Ended: --

Walking Through Lost Time

After tying his shoelaces as fast as he could, a seven year old boy's feet quickened their pace each time they pounded against the Earth. He needed to get to the playground right away, his best friend was waiting for him. Kevin sped up once the playground was in sight, and immediately came to a stop in front of a boy slowly swinging back and forth on the swings. He needed to tell his friend something extremely important.

"Kibum hyung, guess what?! I'm moving back to America!" Kevin exclaimed, his tiny hands on his knees, attempting to catch his breath from the long run.

The older boy slowly came to a stop, taken back from Kevin's statement, and unconsciously whispered, "When?"

"I'm gonna move at the end of this month. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, my parents told me today." Kevin answered. A part of him wanted to go back to America, the place where he was born and raised until a year ago, but a bigger part of him wanted to stay here in South Korea.

"Then let's have the best one month we've ever had in out entire life! We can play video games, sword fights, have sleepovers, and do a lot more other things! We can start by building the biggest sand castle ever!" Kibum said, forcing a smile on his eight year old face before running towards the sandbox.

Moving Day

"Umma, why isn't Kibum hyung here yet?" Kevin cried to his mother. The movers had already put most of the furniture into the moving truck to be taken to a warehouse.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I'm sure he'll be here soon." The seven year old boy's mother cooed. Just as Kevin's family was about to get into their car, the seven year old spotted the Kim's car drive in.

"Hyung, you made it!" Kevin exclaimed in happiness, jumping out of the car to give the older boy a hug.

"Of course I did! Your family and my family are close friends, right? So why wouldn't we come?" Kibum rhetorically asked. Before Kevin could even consider why, Kibum pulled out an envelope from his back pocket and gave it to Kevin.

"I asked my umma to make two copies of it." Kibum sheepishly smiled.

Inside the envelope was a picture of the two boys grinning ear to ear, arms around one another, and a sand castle standing tall in the back. Neatly written on the back of the picture was, 'You'll always be my best friend! Never Forget Me! -Kibum'

With tears welling up in his eyes, Kevin spoke, "I won't ever forget you, hyung! I promise!"

Walking Through Lost Time

May. 24th, 2011


{One-Shot} A Heart Beat Away

Title: A Heart Beat Away
Pairing: Kibum/Kevin (Kemaru)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kibum is only a heart beat away from Kevin.

A Heart Beat Away

The thunder roared once again in the middle of the night. Kevin held the blanket closer towards himself
and tried his best to block out the ear-splitting noise by covering his ears with his hands. The deep rumbles
continued on when Kevin decided he had enough. It was midnight and he still wasn't asleep.

Kevin quietly got up, making sure not to disturb his roommates, and slowly crept out of the room. Every time the
thunder clashed with one another, the blonde haired boy stopped to close his eyes and block his ears, as if that
would stop the deafening cries coming from the clouds.

'Why does Kibum's room have to be the furthest away?!' Kevin thought, his heartbeat quickening each time
the thunder roared.

Finally reaching Kibum's room, Kevin fumbled around in the dark trying to find to the door knob. The second the
thunder erupted, Kevin ran and jumped into Kibum's bed, his hands automatically wrapping themselves around the
older boy.

Stirring awake, the older boy turned towards Kevin, his arms going around the blonde, and sleeply whispered,
"What's wrong?"

Kevin buried his head into Kibum's chest and answered, "It's the thunder, it's scaring me. Why do you have to be
so far away?"

As a low chuckle emitted out of Kibum, Kevin immediately felt safe. The older boy kissed the younger boy's head
and replied, "I'm only a heart beat away."

Jan. 27th, 2011

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{One-Shot} Wind Chimes

Title: Wind Chimes
Pairing: Mika/Karam (Suhoon/Hyunchul)
Rating: PG
Summary: Karam always feels a certain way around Mika.

Wind Chimes

∫ ‘♪ ‘♫ ∫ I hear the wind chimes ring, and I can only think of you ∫ ‘♪ ‘♫ ∫

A brush against the fingers, a smile thrown his way, and he could feel them coming up again. The tingling of his heart, the fluttering of his stomach, the reddening of his cheeks. And he doesn’t know what to say. So he tells them to quiet down, to hush, to keep still.

“Hyunchul-ah, you’re dazing out again.” Suhoon chuckles.

And the same feelings come up once again, with just a simple chuckle.

The tingling makes his heart tremble, the fluttering makes his stomach jitter, the reddening makes his cheeks feel as though they’re on fire.

He smiles back, almost involuntarily, and replies, “Sorry, hyung. I didn’t even realize.”

The leader walks towards him, and takes a seat next to him. Side by side, backs against the ceiling-to-floor windows.

A stroke against his cheeks, a smile thrown his way, and he could feel them coming up again. The fireworks in his heart, the butterflies in his stomach, the blush on his cheeks. And he doesn’t know what to say. So he smiles back.

“You make me smile, please stay for a while, hyung?”

He didn’t know what came over him. Maybe it was the fireworks, or the butterflies, or even the immense heat he felt upon his cheeks. Whatever it was, he was glad he said it when he heard another chuckle and a reply.

“You make me smile too; I wasn’t planning to go anywhere, Hyunchul-ah.”

A caress against his cheeks, a hand intertwined with his, and he could feel the older leaning in.

A kiss upon his lips, a smile upon his face, and he could feel them all over his body. The fireworks exploded, the butterflies flew free, the blush reddened. And he doesn’t know what to say. So leans in, and kisses back.

∫ ‘♪ ‘♫ ∫ I hear the wind chimes ring, and I can only think of you ∫ ‘♪ ‘♫ ∫


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Summer Tales (5/?)

Fifth Tale

For the next few days, Taemin couldn’t help but notice how Goo Hara slowly got closer to Minho. It started out with little interactions with the tall boy and soon grew to Hara ruffling Minho’s hair, playing pranks, and just always being around the boy. And whenever Taemin was talking to Minho, Hara always came in before shyly asking to speak with the older boy. What bothered Taemin the most, however, was the fact that Minho did nothing to stop. Absolutely nothing. It got to the point where Taemin started to feel like the third wheel. Sure, he shared a cabin and looked after the same group of kids with Minho, but with Hara hanging around the older boy so much, Taemin felt lonely.

“Those two should just get together already.” Jonghyun, another counselor Taemin had gotten close to, stated.

Flabbergasted, Taemin hesitantly, with a heavy heart, replied, “H-huh? Oh, yeah, they should.”

“I mean, Jinki clearly likes Kibum, and Kibum definitely has a thing for Jinki!”

With a sudden realization, Taemin grinned ear to ear, playfully slapped the older boy’s arm, and exclaimed while laughing, “Totally, hyung! Jinki hyung and Kibum hyung should definitely get together!”

Jonghyun suddenly gasped before turning to look at Taemin with a big grin, “Taemin-ah! Did you see that? Goo Hara just looked at me and waved! She’s so beautiful.”

“O-oh yea, she is.” Taemin said, his smile falling.

With a lovesick grin on his face, Jonghyun sighed and spoke, “And yesterday, I found out that she likes to sing too. She said that one day, we can sing together. It’s great, isn’t it?”

“Yea, it is great. She’s beautiful, she’s can cook, and she’s a girl.” Taemin said, mostly to himself than the older boy.

“What’re you talking about? Of course she’s a girl.” Jonghyun confusedly stated.


As the cool night air hugged Taemin’s lithe dancer body, Taemin rubbed his bare arms and softly muttered under his breath, “I should’ve brought a sweater or something.”

Looking at the other camp counselors with thin blankets to keep them warm and huddling around the camp fire, Taemin let out a detached sigh. He should’ve known that just because it was summer, didn’t mean that the nights were always warm.

The shivering boy walked closer to the group of counselors, thankful that they got some down time, when he saw Hara approach a tall figure, which Taemin concluded to be Minho. He couldn’t exactly hear what the two were talking about, but before he could even decide to get closer, he saw Minho take the thin blanket off his shoulders and give it to the long haired girl.

A wave of sorrow suddenly washed over the young boy. He should’ve known better; of course Minho would want to keep Hara warm, she was his top priority. Bitter venom filled Taemin’s body as he turned back to walk towards the cabin using the campfire that was meters away as his only source of light. He hated this bitter feeling. He would much rather feel those suffocating, intoxicating feelings whenever Minho was too close to him than this one.

“Taemin-ah! Aren’t you gonna stay?” Taemin heard a deep, baritone voice call him out. Taemin stopped in his tracks before turning back, his bottom lip bit and his head down. The younger boy could see Minho jogging towards him and slowly coming to a stop through his bangs.

“How come you’re going back? Aren’t you gonna stay?” The older boy repeated his question.

“I…” Taemin sighed. “Hyung, I think you should go back to Hara noona. Don’t you wanna spend time with her?”

Confused by the younger boy’s words, Minho asked, “Taemin, what’re you talking about? Why would I wanna spend time with noona?”

Getting frustrated with the taller boy for the first time since they met, Taemin angrily spoke, “Obviously because you like her, hyung! You guys are always together these days! So just go to your girlfriend before she gets impatient.”

Taemin turned to walk towards his cabin when he felt himself being tugged back to face Minho and two arms wrapping themselves around his waist from the back. With his face in nook of the older boy’s neck, Taemin prayed his pounding heart wouldn’t be heard.

“Yah, Taemin-ah, that’s not fair. How can you just snap at me and just get ready to walk away without listening to my side of the story?” Minho disappointedly said in almost a whisper.

Heaving a sigh at, the older spoke, “First of all, Hara noona is not my girlfriend. I don’t even know where you got an idea like that from! Second of all, the only reason we’re together these days, is because noona wants advice.”

“Advice for wha-“

“Advice on how to woo Jonghyun hyung.” Minho said, cutting Taemin off.

“She knew that I was friends with hyung, so she just wanted some advice. You may not have noticed, but she even asked Jinki and Kibum hyung.”

“Then, why…why didn’t she ask me?” The younger boy whispered.

Rocking both of them from side to side, Minho answered, “Because she thought you were too young to know about this kind of stuff.”

Following the trail of counselors around the campfire, Taemin saw Hara and Jonghyun sharing one blanket with a rosy blush on their cheeks.

Feeling extremely stupid and embarrassed, Taemin unconsciously hid his face into nook of Minho’s neck once more, and mumbled, “Oh gosh, I’m sorry, hyung. I don’t even know why I got so angry. I should’ve asked you first. I just…I don’t know what’s happening to me these days. I simply don’t understand my feelings.”

Minho let out a knowing smile before crooning, “Shhh, it’s okay. You don’t have to understand them yet. For now, being together like this is perfect.”

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Summer Tales (4/?)

Fourth Tale

Even before Taemin completely woke up, he felt something heavy and warm hugging him from the side. It took him less than a second to realize that his roommate probably still had a fever. Taemin opened his eyes to look at the older boy who was still sleeping and put his palm on the sleeping figure's forehead to confirm his suspicion.

'I better get going!' Taemin thought. As he started getting out of bed, he felt Minho's hand slightly tighten around his waist before he gently took it off. With a rosy blush creeping up cheeks, Taemin quickly got dressed and made his way to the Helmonie's cabin. He glanced at the clock across the room before leaving, taking a mental note of the time as 6:13.

As he made his way to the Helmonnie's cabin, Taemin was glad he woke up much earlier than everyone else. This way, there would be no distractions. He knew the Helmonie would definitely be awake -Taemin had worked, and went to camp here before. He had known the Helmonie and her grandson, who also went to the camp, since he was a child. She was almost like his grandmother.

The minute Taemin reached the cabin's door, he knocked on it three times before waiting nervously. As soon as the door opened, Taemin didn't give any time for formalities. He immediately started telling the Helmonnie everything that happened.

"So please, Helmonie? Can you please help me? What do I do?" Taemin asked, worry clearly etched onto his features.

As a soft smile came onto her face, the Helmonie spoke in her old weary voice, "Taemin-ah, the first thing you need to do is calm down, take a deep breath in. You cannot help anyone when you are not calm. Nothing bad will happen to him. Now, come on in."

Taemin stepped into the cabin while trying his best to calm down. The Helmonie lead him into the kitchen, the only cabin with a kitchen, and got some ingredients and a pot. She then got out a recipe and handed it over to Taemin.

"I used to always cook this porridge when my kids were sick, and now I cook it for my grandson. A girl came here before you did. She had the same story, except it wasn't her roommate that was sick."

'I wonder who came by here...' Taemin pondered before quickly brushing the thought off. He told the Helmonie how thankful he was before bowing down to her.

"I have to go around the camp now to make sure everyone is awake. Remember Taemin-ah, be patient, only then will the porridge come out right. Patience is a virtue." The Helmonie gently spoke as she went towards the door. "And Taemin-ah, just take care of your roommate today, okay? I can handle your group of kids. And my grandson was supposed to come and help out today, so he can take care of them too." With that said the Helmonnie walked out of the cabin, closing the door behind her.

Taemin quickly set off to making the porridge as he tried his best to follow the Helmonie's instructions. After almost a half an hour, the porridge was nearly done. At the moment, Taemin wished for nothing but to quickly go back to the cabin to see how Minho was doing. Hopefully, he was still peacefully sleeping.


Holding a bowl of hot porridge in one hand, Taemin hurriedly opened the cabin door so the food doesn't drop. He was happy to finally be back at the cabin, but the sight within it was certainly not what he was expecting. Inside was Minho sitting on his bed, with camp counselor Goo Hara by the bed post with something in her hand.

"Oh, Taemin, you came back! I was just about to leave after giving the porridge to Minho." She sweetly smiled. Taemin had nothing against the older girl; he just thought he would be the one to give porridge, the one that he himself made, to his hyung.

'So she must be the the girl that Helmonie was talking about.' Taemin thought.

"Thank you for stopping by to take care of hyung, noona. But who let you in? I thought Minho hyung was asleep?" Taemin quietly said, his eyes looking here and there, but never at the older girl.

"I knocked on the door and Minho opened it." She simply said.

'She woke him up?' Taemin thought, annoyed by the idea.

"Well, I'll be leaving now! Be sure to eat the food, okay Minho?” She spoke informally, since she was older than Minho by almost a year. Before Taemin could even think to say bye, Hara happily walked out of the cabin.

Walking to the unoccupied bed stand by his side of the bed, since the other had a bowl of porridge that Hara had put, Taemin carefully put the porridge down with some medicine next to it.

Without saying a word since Hara left, Taemin quietly went to the sick boy and put the palm of his hand onto the older boy's forehead.

"Hyung, you still have a fever. Did you brush your teeth? If so, eat the porridge, okay? You don't have to eat both of them. Just eat noona's porridge, it's on your bed side, its closer, and probably tastes better. After you eat, take the medicine, okay?" Taemin said in a single breath. He didn't know why, but he felt upset since the minute he saw the older girl in the cabin. It felt like peace had been disturbed.

With a raspy voice, Minho let out, "Yes, I already brushed my teeth, and don't worry, I will eat and take the medicine. Taemin-ah, are you okay? Is something wrong?"

Forcing a quick small smile, Taemin said, "The only thing that's wrong is that your sick, hyung! I'm gonna shower now, okay?"

Taemin looked away and walked out of the room with his head down.

"Taemin-ah, let's go out," Minho stated after a few minutes of silence. It was already 5 in the evening. Most of the day, for Taemin, was spent taking care of his hyung or reading, whereas Minho, who spent the whole day being taken care of and sleeping, really wanted to get out.

"What?! But hyung, you're sick!" Taemin stated the obvious.

Already with his sneakers on, Minho replied, "Taemin-ah, I have a slight cold, that's all. And getting fresh air is good for the body. Now are you coming or not?"

"Yes!" Taemin reponded as he quickly got ready.


As two boys walked aimlessly around the camp talking about things that slowly brought them closer, Taemin's attention was suddenly diverted.

"Jinki hyung!" The boy exclaimed excitedly, running towards a taller boy and giving him a hug, to which Minho responded with a fallen face. Minho walked towards Taemin and the other boy.

"Hyung! This is Jinki hyung. He's the Helmonie's grandson. You could say that he's my childhood friend." Taemin happily grinned as he spoke before playfully whispering, "He's older than you too"

"Hello, my name is Minho. It's nice to meet you, hyung." Minho introduced himself with a ninety degree bow.

"There's no need to be that formal!" Onew laughed, his eyes laughing along.

Taemin looked at his oldest hyung before asking, "Hyung, aren't you supposed to be helping Helmonie?"

"All the kids are having 'free time', so I came here looking for Kib-" He suddenly stopped talking as his cheeks went red. He quickly spoke, "King Penguins! I came here to looks for King...Penguins..."

Minho immediately burst out laughing and amidst of it, asked, "King Penguins? Sounds like you were about to say 'Kibum'."

As Taemin just looked at the two older boys talk, a smile gently came across his face. He was glad they were getting along.

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Summer Tales (3/?)

Third Tale

“Oppa! Look at my painting!” A little girl said with a proud smile across her face.

“Wow, it looks wonderful! Are you sure you made that?” Minho teased the girl.

With a tiny pout on her face, the little girl replied, “Of course I did! Ask Taemin oppa!”

Turning around to find Taemin, the little girl yelled, “Oppa! Come tell Minho oppa that I really did painted this!”

Taemin walked over and kneeled next to the girl and playfully said, “Hyung, of course she made this! She’s a natural painter, you know?”

“See, oppa?” She proudly grinned, which earned a chuckle and a pat on the head from Minho.

“Come on, let’s get you all cleaned up now. It’s almost lunch time.” Taemin said leading the girl towards the sink, helping her wash her hands since she wasn’t exactly tall enough to reach the tall sink.

At this sight, Minho’s lips curled up into a smile. He couldn’t help but think how sweet and caring Taemin was.


Waiting for Taemin to come, Minho took a seat across from Key at the lunch table. Eating outside was something he really enjoyed. It felt refreshing to be out in the fresh air. As he started to eat his lunch while Key talked to him on and on about the camp owner’s –the grandma’s– grandson, he noticed Taemin walking towards the table with one hand carrying his food, the other on his left eye, while his head was facing down.

Taemin set his food down onto the table as he sat down and greeted the other two. There was clearly something wrong with his eye. It was red, watery, and obviously looked irritated.

“Taemin-ah, what happened to your eye?!” Minho said worriedly.

“Oh, it’s nothing really. I think something just got in it.” Taemin spoke lifting his hand to rub his eye once more. Minho immediately grabbed his arm before softly saying, “Don’t rub it, it’ll only make it worse. Open your eye.” Minho commanded as he slowly, so Taemin knew what he was about to do, reached for the younger boy’s face. Taking a deep breath in, Minho tenderly blew into Taemin’s eye –hoping this would help the other.

“You would make one great boyfriend, Minho.” Key suddenly said almost startling the other two. They had completely forgotten that Key was there. Minho simply ignored Key’s comment as he looked down to eat his food, although the redness in his cheeks was apparent.
Taemin however, immediately blushed red even though Key’s comment didn’t imply him and Minho together. It was more like the distance between him and the older boy. The distance when Minho leaned in and gently blew into his eye, it was too close. Taemin didn’t understand what was going on. He had felt as though he couldn’t breathe for a second. It was simply too confusing.


Throughout the rest of the day, Taemin tried his best to avoid those thoughts. He decided to just ignore them. When the time comes, he’ll figure it out.

As night came around, all the campers and camp counselors were in their cabins getting ready for bed. Unlike the night before, not one drop of rain had fallen. Although most were asleep, Taemin was worried and was wide awake. He had noticed that Minho had been coughing today, and he was entirely at fault.

Taemin, now ready to sleep, settled down on his side of the bed and watched Minho, whose back was facing him. Hopefully, he didn’t have a fever. Taemin had a strong urge to place his hand on the other’s forehead to check, but he was too scared the older would wake up. His guilt deepened when he noticed the older shivering, evening with a blanket on.

‘Is he even asleep?’ Taemin wondered.

Taemin said in an almost inaudible voice, “Minho hyung, are you asleep?”

There was nothing but silence emitting out of the other. Taemin could only draw the most obvious conclusion from this, Minho was asleep.

As Taemin lied awake for several more minutes, he noticed that Minho’s shivering had gotten much worse. He swiftly got up into a sitting position and leaned a bit over Minho to see his face. Slightly hesitating, Taemin placed his hand on top of the other’s and was shocked. The older boy was burning up!

“Minho hyung! Minho hyung!” Taemin panicked.

‘I have to wake him up! What if he can’t? What if the fever’s too high?’

“Minho hyung, wake up!” Taemin said, almost to the point of begging. He heard strange mumbles coming from the older boy before he slowly opened his eyes and used all of his strength to face Taemin.

A sigh escaped Taemin’s lips almost immediately after Minho opened his eyes.

“Thank goodness you’re okay! Hyung, I’ll go get the camp owner, the grandma, okay? I’ll ask her what I should do. Don’t get up, okay?!”

Taemin quickly spoke to the Minho who was still lying down. Right before Taemin was about to get off the bed, Minho’s hand quickly reached out to Taemin, not exactly grabbing his hand nor exactly letting it go.

“Taemin-ah,” Minho said, his voice dry and his lips chapped. “Taemin-ah, I-I’m really c-cold.” He shivered.

“I know, hyung. I’ll go get the grandma right now, okay?”

Minho’s hand slightly tightened around Taemin’s.

“P-please don’t go, Taemin-ah. I’m really cold. Please, please j-just stay here? K-keep me warm?”

Taemin didn’t know what to do. He was torn between getting the grandma for Minho and keeping Minho warm. Without even realizing, he had chosen the latter. As he lied down on the bed again, Minho had thrown his arms around the younger boy, throwing almost half of his upper body onto the other. Taemin pulled the blanket up so the older boy could be warm, that’s all he wanted right now. For his hyung to be warm, and yet, the feelings from before came back. The distance between the two was almost nothing. The suffocating, intoxicated feeling increased. Like before, it was simply confusing.

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